Mixed media, steenbok, bushbuck, 14”



Her side is eviscerated- her organs exposed. Her liver has completely fallen out and sits nestled on her hip. While this piece reflects the injury and suffering of women, it is also meant to express, beauty, resilience and endurance.


The front of her body displays a tiny beaver skull for her reproductive system. Depicted as treasure with Fallopian tubes of sterling silver, the musing that her “beaver” is a beaver is overshadowed by the realization that she has been completely torn open expressing the injury of sexual violence - both mental and physical.


Exploring the contents of the uterus, we find she is giving birth to a fragile and already poisoned heart.  Like “Leaning Woman“, wherein the same poisonous larva resides in the heart, passing her anguish on to her fetus through a connected umbilical cord, this piece expresses how pain and injury are passed on through the generations and considers how we may sometimes come to nurture and give continuance to our grief.


The urinary tract is constructed from sterling silver and the the bladder is also a bell; musing that she “tinkles” as the parts of her that are both delightful and delicate remain in spite of her injury.


Petrified ammonite forms her beautiful buttocks.


From the primordial ocean, ancient and powerful, the seat of woman resonates with the beginning of all things. Contained within her buttocks is the blueprint of the universe as the fossilized ammonoidea spirals display the Golden Ratio generated by Fibonacci’s most famous recursive function. Opening the buttocks reveals it’s spiral growth recorded by the increments of each newly generated cell.


The ammonoid utilized its siphuncle, threaded through each and every chamber, to control its buoyancy by either letting in air or water to the chambers.


Just as each old chamber is sealed off and forever carried, so it is that our own threaded histories are walled off but are forever a part of us. We navigate our destinies, rising and falling as we tap into the wonderful and sometimes terrible past that forms the magnificent structure of woman




reproductive system

urinary tract