wounded bird


mixed media, dessicated fish gills, 9”




A Self Portrait


In the aftermath of my terrible injury, this piece became a deeply personal expression. This bird has been badly wounded. Her back has been blown open and we can see her organs. Moreover, she has suffered what would be a fatal injury for a bird; the loss of her feet.


The source of her cruel injury is a spent bullet which I used to form the basic structure of her heart. Universally, this piece examines pain, bitterness and how what hurts us can become all that is left of our hearts.


At the front of the piece, resides another egg hatching. She has deposited another egg in hopes of hatching a new and healed heart



new heart hatching


She is a bird, so the brain is depicted as an egg hatching in a nest.


It is a second attempt at a brain as the remnants of the first injured brain lay in the bottom of the nest.

Lifting this piece off the base, we may remove the organ structure. As one lifts, a small silver and sapphire feather in her back, set on a fine wire, vibrates as she quietly trembles in fear.


Moreover as a raccoon’s natural prey, her organ structure, which has been constructed from a raccoon skull, symbolizes her internalized fears.

trembling feather



the reproductive system